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TOP 5 Cheapest Psychology Degree Online Programs (Bachelor’s) 2018

TOP 5 Cheapest Psychology Degree Online Programs (Bachelor’s) 2018

Online psychology degree programs are among the most popular majors for undergraduate students who want to take courses through distance education.

Many people choose to major in psychology because it allows them to explore a range of topics and prepares them for a wide array of careers. Others choose the degree program because it gives them the opportunity for personal growth and allows them to explore a fascinating subject: the human mind. After graduation, students can find jobs in schools, hospitals, treatment centers, and social service agencies, or explore graduate studies. Fortunately, the demand for professional psychologists (as well as related jobs like therapists, social workers, and researchers) are currently growing at a rate much faster than the national average. In other words, there’s never been a better time to earn your psychology degree online!

1. Mercy College

Online Psychology B.S
For a practical psychology degree that will prepare you for the career of your choosing, take a look at Mercy College. Although the program lacks specific concentrations, it does provide a list of targeted opportunities to match your aspirations in teaching, research, substance abuse, or another area of the field. For example, you could use some of your elective credits within Mercy’s accredited online psychology program to earn a special credential in alcoholism and substance abuse. Another option is to complete a 5-year dual degree, which would allow you to tack on a master’s degree in either psychology or education with just one additional year of study.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,392/yr
Score: 52.34
Tarleton State University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Before graduating from Tarleton State University’s psychology degree online program, you’ll complete an integrative senior capstone course.

2. Tarleton State University

Online B.S. in Psychology
Students who live near Tarleton’s campus in Stephenville, Texas will appreciate the flexibility that this program offers. Coursework is available online as well as in hybrid and face-to-face formats, so you can mix-and-match delivery methods as it suits your schedule. Another nice feature of TSU’s affordable online bachelor’s degree in psychology is that it supplies a solid breadth of understanding across all the core areas of the field, including developmental, behavioral, cognitive, and social psychology. And once you’ve completed all the core requirements, you’re free to diversify your studies with unique upper-level electives like “Psychopharmacology” and “Cultural Anthropology.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $11,934/yr
Score: 53.55
Old Dominion University Psychology Degree Online Programs
ODU’s top online psychology program doesn’t offer concentrations, but you can still focus your electives around a specific “area,” such as applied or biological psychology.

3. Old Dominion University

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Old Dominion University’s undergraduate psychology program comes in both four-year and degree completion forms. This means that you will have a lot of flexibility in how you complete classes. That is, you can take all four years at ODU, or you can transfer in the home stretch (you just need to complete a minimum 30 credits through Old Dominion). Either way, this accredited online psychology bachelor’s degree comes with a comprehensive curriculum that hits on key concepts in biological, social, developmental, and applied psych. Plus, you’ll enjoy stellar distance education services that include personal advising, technical assistance, virtual conference rooms, and even free online storage space for all your assignments.
Average Tuition & Fees: $18,240/yr
Score: 53.55
University of Houston Victoria Psychology Degree Online Programs
Although the general education requirements differ, the major curriculum for both of UHV’s online bachelor’s degrees in psychology are virtually identical.

4. University of Houston-Victoria

Online Bachelor of Arts/Science in Psychology
The University of Houston at Victoria takes the study of psychology very seriously. Its program not only makes our online psychology bachelor’s degrees ranking but also lands on Open Education Database’s list of top schools. And this reputation is well-deserved; UHV offers both BS and BA options, each of which features a curriculum based on the tenants laid out by the American Psychological Association. You’ll also appreciate the customizability of these programs, which set aside 33 credits just for electives. These give you the freedom to populate your course plan with all sorts of unique upper-level classes like “Psychology of Happiness,” “Human Sexuality,” and “Principles of Psychopharmacology.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $10,892/yr
Score: 54.36
Northwest University Psychology Degree Online Programs
Northwest University is home to an affordable online psychology program for Christians.

5. Northwest University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree
In many ways, Northwest University has the best cheap psychology degree online for Christian students who want a broad-based educational experience. The core curriculum incorporates classes that span the full range of the social sciences, from “Survey of Sociology” to “Cultural Psychology” and “Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.” At the same time, instructors work to infuse coursework with a “distinctive Christian worldview.” Ultimately, the goal is to produce graduates who will use their faith and understanding of human behavior to make a difference in their communities. After earning your degree, you might even consider staying at NU to earn your master’s in counseling or community development.
Average Tuition & Fees: $12,075/yr
Score: 55.57
Northwestern State University of Louisiana Psychology Degree Online Programs
In addition to its cheap online bachelor’s degree in psychology, NSU also offers a highly-focused BS in Addiction Studies.

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